How To: Measure Your Ring Size

It sounds so simple, doesn't it? And yet accurately measuring your own ring size can be confusing! There are so many variables with rings - material, shape, weight, practicality, etc, so it's often my first priority to find out what a client's perfect fit is.

To help give you the best start on the road to your dream ring, here are five of my top tips for measuring your ring size. Forget guesswork and approximations - follow these tips and you'll feel confident when placing your order!

1. Choose The Finger You'll Wear Your Ring On

Are you looking for an everyday ring that you can comfortably wear on your middle finger, or do you want a big statement piece that you'll only wear to parties? Are you looking for the perfect wedding band that stays put on your ring finger, or have you decided on a chunky thumb ring that slips on and off over your knuckle? The whats, whens, whys and hows are so very personal that this first stage is a good time to try on rings you already have, compare and contrast how they feel on your hand, and work out what sort of fit you want from your new piece of jewellery. 

2. Order An Inexpensive Home Measuring Tool

If you've never measured your ring size before, you can buy inexpensive plastic ring gauges online which give you a realistic idea of how each ring size will feel on your finger. You can buy the ring gauge pictured above on Amazon for a little as £1. You simply loosen the guage, slip it onto the base of your chosen finger and tighten it in stages until you feel comfortable. Remember - too tight and you're at risk of hurting yourself, too loose and your ring will never feel secure. My advice is to go for the size that requires you to struggle when taking the gauge over your knuckle, but still allows you to rotate it comfortably at the base of your finger.

3. Take Your Lifestyle Into Account

Are you a long distance runner, and therefore your hands tend to swell after exercise? Do you suffer from a condition that affects your joints, like arthritis? Have you got a job that means you're constantly washing your hands? Whatever affects you and your hands, it's important to think about how the fit of your ring will impact on your daily life. If possible, head to a high street shop and try on a few rings in different sizes, or ask your independent jeweller to let you try on some rings from their existing stock. 

4. If In Doubt, Ask Your Jeweller To Measure An Existing Ring

This is a particularly important piece of advice if you are commissioning a ring as a gift for someone. If you want to plan the surprise proposal of the century and need the perfect ring to match, don't try and guess your future fiance's ring size. Pick out a ring they regularly wear and, before they notice it's missing, ask your jeweller to measure it for you. This isn't full proof, and quite often engagement and wedding rings need slight adjustments, but it's a great way to prevent disappointment and potentially costly re-sizing jobs.

5. Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Not just great advice for life in general, this applies to any part of the commissioning process that leaves you with more questions than answers. If you're confused by American vs UK ring size terminology, or you're not sure how a D-shaped band will feel on your finger compared to round wire, then please don't hesitate to ask your jeweller! As a designer who makes everything by hand, resizing rings can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if they're heavily detailed. Take the opportunity to ask your jeweller any questions you may have at the start of the commission process, and then sit back and look forward to the arrival of your beautiful new ring! 

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