Style Me: The Luna Pendant

Featured: Burberry, Ted Baker and Alexander McQueen

Silver is one of the most simple and versatile metals to wear. Whether the surface is finished with a satin matte effect, or polished to a mirror-shine, most people have their staple silver pieces which they throw on with every outfit. Isn't it nice to have an item of jewellery in your collection which goes with everything, no matter what the occasion? I think so. That's why I designed the Luna Pendant.

The Luna Pendant adds a touch of elegant extravagance to a perfectly tailored dress, and shines brightly when paired with a crisp white shirt. I love to layer my polished silver pendants over an all black outfit for maximum impact, making sure to keep my make-up pale and striking. If you have a darker skin tone, why not experiment with pastel pinks and baby blues? They compliment your natural colouring while giving the polished granules something to reflect as they sit on your decolletage.

Top Tip: Keep it simple. Let your jewellery do the talking.

Featured: Reiss, Cos and Whistles 

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Hannah Ryan