HGR's Guide To: Valentine's Day

When I think of romance, I think of jewellery. To be fair, I think of jewellery most of my waking life and even then ideas for new designs or fantasy projects come to me in my sleep. But when I think about romance and jewellery together, I can only ever think of one person - Elizabeth Taylor. Known for her love affair with jewellery, Taylor's life seems to have been punctuated by the men in her life and the extravagant jewels they gifted her. When her third husband, Mike Todd, gave her a platinum and gold diamond tiara he told her "you're my queen, and I think you should have a tiara".

But, of course, the most famous of her treasures was given to her by the most famous of her men. The Taylor Burton Diamond was bought at auction for $1,050,000 in 1969 by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The 69 carat pear cut diamond was mounted firstly into a ring, then became the centre piece for a custom diamond necklace, designed especially for Taylor's neck.

Now for most of us this sort of romantic gesture is far out of our reaches, and when the 14th February comes around we settle for dinner and roses. But if you're determined to do something special for the Hollywood starlet in your life, here are some HGR approved ideas:


A Long Weekend Away

Forget Paris, forget Rome, the perfect romantic getaway has got to be Lisbon! Apart from the fact that the city is breath-takingly beautiful all year round, there are galleries, museums, street festivals and unlimited handmade custard tarts. What are you waiting for?

Heart-Warming House Plants

You might not know this but here at HGR Headquarters the studio is full of plants. There's a windowsill that is slowly being taken over by succulents, a dark corner that is brightened immeasurably by a large lily, and a bookcase which is almost 50/50 plants to books. They have all been bought for me by Mr.HGR, who likes to turn every space into a potted paradise and true enough whenever I look at them I think of birthdays, anniversaries, and the calm after an occasional fight. Very romantic.

One Of A Kind

If you're thinking of something special this Valentine's day, why not commission a piece of HGR jewellery? My signature granulation technique means that no two ever turn out the same, ensuring that you give your loved one something that is as unique as they are. To have the perfect gift in time for the 14th, get in touch through hgrjewellery@gmail.com.

Live and Loud

I asked a friend recently why they thought going to a gig was a good date. "There's something lovely that happens to someone's face when they listen to music that they really love. Like you're seeing them at their happiest." Find out where your loved ones favourite band is next playing and buy them a pair of tickets. If you're lucky, they'll even take you along for the show.

Soul Food

If all else fails then a home cooked meal is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. You could take a leaf out of my high school boyfriend's book and lovingly prepare a three-course meal that is largely inedible, or you could invest in some cooking classes and make sure you know your creme fraiche from your hollandaise. Regardless, it's the thought that counts. 

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Hannah Ryan